Wisner Township

  a rural community on Saginaw Bay


Monthly meetings held the THIRD MONDAY at 7:00 PM

For 2020 meeting dates click HERE
A township newsletter was sent with the December 2019 winter taxes.  If you've misplaced your copy, CLICK HERE.

Meet Your Township Board:

Trustee Katie Meyers, Trustee Vickie Vader, Supervisor Jamie Wark, Treasurer Annnette Rieck and Clerk Pam Shook.


Township Board Members:

Supervisor:  Jamie Wark  989-312-5320

Clerk: Pamela Shook 989-895-8368

Treasurer: Annette Rieck 989-412-0672

     Email [email protected]

Trustee: Vickie Vader 989-233-7034

Trustee: Katie Meyers  989-327-2380


  • Moderates board and annual meetings
  • Secretary to Board of Review
  • Township’s legal agent
  • Must maintain records of supervisor’s office
  • Responsible for tax allocation board budget (if                         applicable)
  • Develops township budget
  • Appoints some commission members
  • Member of township elections commission
  • May call special meetings
  • May appoint a deputy


  • Maintains custody of all township records
  • Maintains general ledger
  • Prepares warrants for township checks
  • Records and maintains township meeting minutes
  • Keeps the township book of oaths
  • Responsible for regular and special meeting notices
  • Publishes board meeting minutes
  • Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections
  • Chair of township elections commission
  • Keeps township ordinance book
  • Prepares financial statements
  • Delivers tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk
  • Must appoint a deputy
  • Must post a surety bond


Township Clerk Pamela Shook is a notary public. She is available to notarize documents by appointment.  You can reach her at 989-895-8368.