Wisner Township

  a rural community on Saginaw Bay



November 6,2018  ELECTION INFO:

Absentee ballots will be available from clerk Pam Shook.  Call her at 989-895-8368.  You may view sample ballots at the township hall or online at the Tuscola County Clerk's website.

To find out where you are registered to vote, visit the Mich Voter Information Center

"One of the most important duties of my job as township clerk is conducting fair and honest elections.  Every vote counts!  I am here to answer questions from township residents about registering to vote, obtaining sample and absentee ballots, etc. "
- Wisner Township Clerk Pam Shook

The Michigan Voter Information Center website provides you with a vast assortment of information related to voter registration and election administration in Michigan.


Here you can:

  • Determine if you are registered to vote
  • Find your polling location
  • Contact your local election official
  • Learn to use your voting equipment
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions
  • View your sample ballot

Electronic Voting

Wisner Township began using Electronic Pollbook (EPB) beginning with the May 2014 election.

The Bureau of Elections developed computer software that can be used in the polling place on election day to process voters and generate precinct reports. The electronic pollbook (EPB) software is download to a laptop prior to each election. Once the EPB software is loaded on the laptop, the software allows election inspectors to look up a voter's registration record, confirm their registration is correct, and assign a ballot to that voter, essentially automating the typical paper process. 

This is done by swiping your Michigan Driver's License or Michigan ID card.  Voters will still vote using paper ballots in the privacy of a voting booth.  Ballots will then be fed into a voting machine to count and tally the votes.

After the election is complete, the EPB software will generate reports to complete the official precinct record (paper pollbook) and a voter history file that can be uploaded into the QVF software to update voter history in a matter of minutes.