Wisner Township

  a rural community on Saginaw Bay


Township Board

Supervisor:  Jamie Wark  989-312-5320

Clerk:  Pamela Shook  989-895-8368

Treasurer:  Annette Rieck  989-412-0672

Trustee:  Vickie Vader  989-691-5474

Trustee:  Katie Meyers  989-327-2380  

Zoning Administrator

Rusty Cosens 989-213-5723

Planning Commission

Norman Cosens 989-213-5724
Chair, Chuck McLaren  248-535-2458

Vice Chair, Tim Rumble  559-676-6812

Secretary, Lisa Valentine 989-233-2970

Twp Board liason:  Jamie Wark  989-312-5320

Email:  [email protected]

Board of Review

Tammy Joles
Leanne Lindenberg
Chuck McLaren

Zoning Board of Appeals

Tim Rumble, Chair (planning commission member liaison)

Katie Meyers (township board liaison)

Doug Vader

Alternate:  Leanne Lindenberg